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Prayer for Council

Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; it is the greater work

Oswald Chambers



This prayer page has been set up to pray for the Council in our area and to give prayer support to Councillors in the Highland Council.

​It is a place where we join with Councillors to get regular information for prayer and to share it throughout the area. 

This prayer shield offers us vital information about the issues we face in the council and that are of importance to us all.

​As Christians we can help shape the decisions and attitudes of the council through prayer: the prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective, and where there is unity there is breakthrough, James 5:16 and Matthew 18:19.

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Councillors have Temporal and Spiritual Authority

Broken things can become blessed things if we let God do the mending

Councillors carry spiritual as well as temporal authority. By coming together in prayer, with councillors who have this God given authority we believe that our area can be prosperous, successful and thriving. A strong place characterised by wholeness, peace and economic prosperity, not brokenness, discord and economic famine.

Today our councillors face complex, critical and challenging decisions that affect us all. 

They need our prayers—even if they are not the candidates we voted for.

Two Men in Office

Will you join us in prayer?

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