Committee Responsibilities

Area Committees

Area Committees are responsible for working with partners to:


  • achieve effective promotion and future prosperity of the area

  • facilitate opportunities for inward investment, regeneration and economic development

  • develop and work in partnership with community planning partners

  • ensure implementation of the Council’s localism action plan as it relates to the area

  • scrutinise and monitor the local delivery of Council services


Audit and Scrutiny Committee

The Audit and Scrutiny Committee are responsible for advising and scrutinising matters relating to internal and external audits

Corporate Resources Committee

The Corporate Resources Committee are responsible for 1) making decisions about entering into partnerships with other agencies, organisations and communities, to achieve a collaborative and effective approach to service delivery 2) to promote sustainable development and equal opportunities in the conduct of Council business and the delivery of services and 3) to consider the impact of decisions on communities, specifically taking into consideration the issues of poverty and rurality

Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee


The remit of this committee is to approve, monitor and control the Revenue and Capital Budgets of environmental, development and infrastructure assets and services, as well as deal with any overspend. 



Highland Council - Full Council Meeting

The Highland Council is responsible for defining the goals, values and main objectives of the Council and for setting and managing priorities, budgets, programmes and policies to ensure the effective and efficient provision of services and achievement of goals.  


Licencing Committee

The Committee formulates and approves policy and standard conditions of licenses, and makes decisions on contracts for service in relation to the Council’s obligations.


Licensing Board

This Board considers applications in relation to Liquor licensing and Gambling.


Pensions Committee and Board

This committee is responsible for considering matters relevant to Council Pensions and The Highland Council Pension Fund.


People Committee

This Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing services including Education, Housing, Social Work, Care and Learning and alleviating poverty and inequalities.


Planning Applications Committee

Planning Applications Committees are responsible for exercising delivery of the development, management and enforcement in regard to applications for planning permission.


Planning Review Body

The remit of the Review Body is to review local applications that have been approved subject to conditions, refused or not decided within two months of the date of submission.